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event photography

If you’re holding an event or awards night and looking for a professional photography service, invite Check My Photo for comprehensive coverage of your evening.

Our team of dedicated friendly and skilled event photographers are on hand to fulfill your photographic requirements including:

  •     Social/arrival shots during pre-dinner drinks
  •     Mingling/table shots of groups and couples
  •     Room and setup images of your theming
  •     Photos of speakers and awards recipients on and offstage
  •     Images of sponsors brands and signage can be arranged

Check My Photo can offer flexible options for obtaining the images:

  • Our unique Print on the Night service allows guests to have the opportunity to browse and purchase photos taken throughout the night. Prints are available prior to the conclusion of your event in the designated area and are an exciting addition and souvenir of your event.
  • High resolution digital images are favoured by many to promote your event on websites, emails and social media outlets.  Our service can include supply of edited high and low resolution images for this purpose.

Printed images can also be pre-paid, allowing attendees to take a complimentary gift from your event. A complimentary premium gallery is offered to all events at www.checkmyphoto.com/photocart allowing your attendees the opportunity to view and purchase additional prints, digital files and enlargements should they choose.

Bookings start from as little as $295+GST, and photography packages can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Impress your guests and attendees with a professional and exciting experience; invite Check My Photo to your next event. Our event photographers add an atmosphere of glamour and excitement with real people and professional photography equipment at your event!